I am a bit frustrated that there is so much negativity on Facebook. And I also felt that the dark energy in the streets. I really saw despair in some people’s faces in Korea Town after the election.

However, I believe fear is a bigger issue than Trump. Fear paralyzes us and sometimes it just stuns us. This not good for us or what Jesus wants. We should be always joyful and fight darkness with prayer, the Word of God, and service.

So I humbly ask that we pray more, love more, and serve more.

In terms of serving, there are things that we can do immediately without much effort.

Many of us are worried about the economy. Of course, I am not optimistic but I pray for the best. Plus, the good news is that you can help the economy.

Using Kiva, I lend two entrepreneurs.

Donal is building another cabin for his Airbnb business and farm. Greatsharing economy and people learning about farming.

Safari Restaurant serves Somali cuisine and has great reviews on Yelp. Excellent opportunity to let people enjoy diverse food, learn about other culture, and help a small business.

You can similarly help small businesses using Kiva.

Scientists are concerns about Trump, it is likely funding for science research will decrease. But no worries, we have experiment.com to help research.

Today, I helped fund research about bees and grassland conservation.

I look forward to funding more projects as I get more disposable income.

Worried about Latinos being discriminated and mistreated? 

Let’s learn Spanish using Duolingo so we can help out more effectively. I have been a user of Duolingo for some time and I can say it’s quite effective.

Concerned about the inner city crime? 

We can help decrease violence by supporting cure violence, a organization that tries to diminish violence through neighborhood conflict resolutions.

In sum, there are things that we can do help the world and show our love.

So I humbly ask that we pray, love, and serve more.

Let us not complain and be bitter but let us continue to fight the good fight.

Jesus will help us. Because He loves us and He will be with us.