Thank You Jesus for a blessed Tuesday. We always give You thanks for all Your goodness.

  1. Thank You Father for another very productive day. Thank You for Your wisdom. Please continue to bless us with Your wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Thank You God for fasting. I am able to be more thankful and know You more. Also, I lose some weight, I think.
  3. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. It is wonderful to talk to friends and family far away.
  4. Thank You Lord for my PC. Yeah, it’s breaking down but it is not dead yet so thank you my good PC!
  5. Thank You Father for prayer time. We really really really need to pray more! Thank You Lord!
  6. Thank You Jesus for Trump. He is not my favorite. But Father, You made him president so I pray that You make Trump fear You and make him wise so He can do Your will.
  7. Thank You Lord for facebook. It is so interesting to see interesting news and reactions. Really, good way to keep track of friends’ emotional states.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness and let us continue to pray for Your Kingdom.