Thank You Jesus for a blessed Sunday. Let us always worship You and give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the powerful sermon. Let us only speak Your words. Let us only glorify You with our mouths. Let us encourage and bless one another. Let our mouth sprinkle the world with love and healing.
  2. Thank You Father for a great time to memorize Your Word. We memorized Isaiah 40:28-31. Please keep training us so we can engrave Your Word in our hearts.
  3. Thank You Lord for another productive day. I got some work done.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my new desktop. It is so fast! I did not want to get a new desktop but my old one kept crashing 😦 But now the new one is so much better. I know that You always give us the best. I will also make sure to use my old desktop wisely 😀
  5. Thank You God for my roommate. He was kind enough to show me a movie while we were waiting to download Windows 10. The movie was ok. But I really appreciate my roommates’ heart.
  6. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. It is so wonderful to talk to friends that are far away.
  7. Thank You Father for my blog. Giving thanks on my blog really helps me. It really forces me to give thanks and appreciate all Your love. I hope others also can feel Your love through thanksgiving.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. We will praise You and give You all the glory!