Thank You Jesus for a blessed Monday. Let us always thank You for everyday 😀

  1. Thank You Jesus for my new PC. It is nice to have sound again. Now I can listen to Udemy and watch videos. Before I had to use my laptop to watch videos.
  2. Thank You Father for the blazing speed of my PC. Now the PC goes to Windows immediately.
  3. Thank You Lord for fasting. Some times it is very hard to fast but I am able to hold on. Jesus, please help me become holier.
  4. Thank You Father for coffee. Such delicious coffee! Yum! I am enjoying the coffee renaissance 😀
  5. Thank You Jesus for the pleasant weather. LA is truly blessed with good weather.
  6. Thank You God for YouTube. So nice to see interesting videos and listen to praise music.
  7. Thank You Father for my desk. I rarely give thanks to my desk. It is messy but I will clean it :p

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always give thanks to You 😀