Thank You Jesus for a blessed Tuesday. Father, let us always pray, pray, and pray more for Your Kingdom.

  1. Thank You Father for campus worship. It is so wonderful to pray for our campus. Of course, there are few of us and we are often tired but we know that nothing is impossible in You. We will continue to pray for campus revival.
  2. Thank You Lord for Uber. First time that I used Uber and it was awesome. I pray that the labor disputes and other Uber issues are solved peacefully.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my smart phone. So nice to check email and listen to podcasts.
  4. Thank You Father for fasting. Today was hard but I did it. Jesus please give me more discipline to fast and pray.
  5. Thank You God for my blog. It is a small blog and often disorganized with some useful stuff but it keeps me interested and it helps me focus on You, specifically when I give thanks. Jesus, let this blog be used to show Your love and mercy.
  6. Thank You Jesus for excel. Such a wonderful program and good for Bill Gates for seeing the potential and developing it.
  7. Thank You Lord for electricity. We often take electricity for granted but we should really be thankful. No electricity, no refrigeration, no PC, no internet…thank you electricity.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us continue to give thanks to You 😀