It looks the anger and rage are not going anywhere in Korea and the US, which breaks my heart.

I completely that there are many reasons to be angry but pouring out to the streets and engaging in mob behavior is far from the best solution.

In times of anger, we should really look at ourselves and repent. We should ask why didn’t I care more about people and things. A true inner reflection is more likely to result in lasting changes.

After reflecting, it is better to do what can be done, specially things that are under your control.

Angry about Trump’s racism, well, time to teach children to love one another. Time to reach out to those who agree with racism and tell them why disliking someone based on race is wicked.

Upset about Korean politics? Time to start voting and abide the law. Koreans tend to complain that the nation is corrupt while there are so many little corruptions everywhere in our lives from littering to tax evasion. Let’s do our part as citizens.

Also, when everyone is angry and wants to burn things. Let’s show love and compassion. If mobs were the solution to problems then the world would be a much better place. But it is not. As Jesus showed, love opens hearts and heals wounds. So instead of complaining and lamenting, let us pray for loving hearts and start loving.

Yes, it is hard to love when you are angry. But anger only generates more rage. And rage does not end well. So let us calm our hearts and pray for more love and actually love 😀