Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Let us always be thankful and joyful 😀

  1. Thank You God for helping me remain calm despite the big mistake that I made. I rested and resolved the issue. Thank You Lord for Your peace.
  2. Thank You Father for my legs. I was so joyful that I could walk. The joy of walking. Thank You Lord. I am so thankful that I can go to places that I want to go.
  3. Thank You Jesus for the markets near my house. Some times, I complain they are six minutes away but they are really close and cheap. Thank You Lord for providing me with close and cheap food.
  4. Thank You Father for Wednesday worship. We really need to pray more our leaders and nations. I pray that our leaders fear You and follow Your Word.
  5. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is a so potent! Lovely, can’t wait until I run lot of programs. Time to work!
  6. Thank You Father for my good roommates. They are so encouraging. I pray that we become holier everyday.
  7. Thank You Lord for the internet. So much information. I pray that I only use the internet to glorify You!

Thank You God for another blessed day. We proclaim Your glory. Please make us holier everyday.