Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday!

  1. Thank You God for helping me submit the rest of the job applications. I trust in Your goodness Lord!
  2. Thank You Father for the daily meal. Always happy to eat and enjoy. Please help me focus on Your Word as well 😀
  3. Thank You Jesus for my gym. So nice to exercise and release some stress. I will exercise more.
  4. Thank You Father for my refrigerator. It is super old and consumes a lot of energy but still it keeps the food fresh. I hope to buy an energy efficient fridge when I have my own place.
  5. Thank You Jesus for prayer time. I realize that we really need to pray more. Father, let me not be lazy in prayer.
  6. Thank You God for Kakao. It is so lovely to talk to friends and family far away.
  7. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Yes, coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia, delicious. Thank You Lord for giving me this luxury!

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always remember that You always give us the best and that we should always be joyful and thankful!