Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Tuesday. Another beautiful day, let us give You all the thanks and praise 😀

  1. Thank You Father for a beautiful day. I pray for more rain in LA. Jesus drench LA with Your love and grace.
  2. Thank You God for my advisor. He always gives me good advice and encouragement. He is also funny.
  3. Thank You Jesus for the application websites. Some have issues but they are more convenient than hard copies (save the trees too).
  4. Thank You God for my PC. So happy that it runs well.
  5. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I absolutely love them 😀
  6. Thank You Lord for helping me repent. I felt down but You have shown me how I should always be joyful and be the light and salt of this world! Father, I will not be discouraged!
  7. Thank You Jesus for my friend. She is good. She encourages me and we pray together. Jesus bless our relationship so that we can be holier 😀

Thank You God for all Your goodness and grace.