Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Monday. Thank You for the just marvelous day!

  1. Thank You Lord for such a beautiful day. It was so beautiful. The sun was shining and the sky was so blue. The temperature was mild and the wind was just perfect. Thank You for this wonderful day and I pray for the restoration when it will be even more beautiful.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is so fast that I can run so many things. I will take good care of you my good PC!
  3. Thank You Father for my a delicious lunch. Let us always be joyful for great food.
  4. Thank You Lord for the plants! They were so cheap! I wish I could have bought more but I did not want to be greedy.
  5. Thank You for the ghost shrimps. Although they already died, I learned that my aquarium cannot support them 😦
  6. Thank You God for laundry. I was so happy do have some more cloth again. I really want to buy a laundry machine when I get a job 😀
  7. Thank You Lord for my roommate. It is so nice to hang out with him. Please bless him Jesus.

Jesus, thank You so much for this wonderful day. Let us always be joyful and thankful!