My trip to Miami was triumph of the sharing economy. I could not get a hotel room for a reasonable price so I decided to use Airbnb. I had one of the best experiences. My host was very cordial and the place was cleaner than a hotel. Amazing. Then I used Uber to go to my conference in downtown. The fares were relatively cheap. It fluctuated according to supply and demand, which made me happy, as a person who revels in economics. My Uber drivers were very kind and friendly. It was nice to see the reputation system work very well.

I wish I could have used other sharing economy services but I guess Airbnb and Uber were more than enough. Also, what I really liked was the fact both my Airbnb host and most of the Uber drivers worked flexibly. They only offered their services for extra income. They were quite flexible. I was very happy that the sharing economy empowered individuals by giving them more choice. Plus, I was very happy because I was saving money yay 😀

I hope more innovative services become available to make the world a better place. Also, let’s not forget to keep praying for peace and love.