Data sets are getting larger. And they will get larger as we gather more data. Big data is here. In case of finance, we often use returns data, which can be quite huge.

Q: How can I just is small subset of the data?

A: I had this problem before. My data set was huge and it took forever to open although I just wanted to check the data quickly. So here are some useful commands

**Check the variables in the data set using describe

describe using “D:\temp.dta”

***this will show the variables in the data

**For some reason, you just want to see the first ten observations, use use in

use in 1/10 using  “D:\temp.dta”

***It will just open the first ten observations

**Now if you want just certain categories then use use if

use if revenue>1000 using “D:\temp.dta”

***It will show observations with revenue greater than 1000