Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Tuesday. We are so thankful for all Your goodness.

  1. Thank You God for prayer. I think fasting does help me pray better. Jesus let us really pray for Your Kingdom.
  2. Thank You Lord for the free food. I am so blessed when I eat reasonably great free food.
  3. Thank You Jesus for Levanthal. I am so glad that I am part of a great accounting school. I pray that God blesses us more.
  4. Thank You Father for my advisor. He is funny and gives me great advice. Thank You Jesus for the great relationship.
  5. Thank You Lord for my car. So happy that it is still running well. Thank you Civic.
  6. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. It is so good to talk to my family and friends in Korea.
  7. Thank You Father for my PC. Yes, it is running programs very well.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and goodness. Let us always be more loving 😀