Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Thank You for looking after us. Thank You for providing our daily meals and protecting us from evil.

  1. Thank You Jesus for the deep bible study. I read John many times but only now do I seem to understand its deeper meanings. Jesus, please give us the wisdom to understand Your will.
  2. Thank You Father for curry. I love curry. Church’s curry dinner was fantastic. Yum, Yum 😀
  3. Thank You Lord for forgiveness. Our lives would be so devastating and sad if You did not forgive our sins and made us anew. Everyday we sin yet You love us and restore us. Thank You Jesus.
  4. Thank You God for my PC. It worked all day. I want to thank my friend who built my PC. Yay!
  5. Thank You Jesus for Costco. It has great products at a reasonable price. I am so happy that Costco is not so far away form my house.
  6. Thank You Lord for Amazon. So nice to order stuff and get them in a short time.
  7. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I love listening to sermon on YouTube. Jesus, please do help me concentrate on the good stuff and not waste time on YouTube.

Thank You Father for all Your love. Let us pray more and give You all the glory 😀