I had a blessed Christmas worship, a good nap, and a productive day. To make my day complete, I decided to walk around K-Town at night because the gym was closed.

As I walked around K-Town, I was surprised at how many restaurants and coffee shops were open. Eh, I guess good work ethic?! Quite surprising actually.

It was more surprising that there were numerous non-Koreans wanting to eat Korean BBQ on Christmas night.

So I walked more. It was shocking that there were some new homeless people that I have not seen around the block. I felt really sad and bad. We really need to help them and pray for them.

Soon I reached the nicer neighborhood, the area nearing Larchmont. Well, the houses were lovely as always but I was surprised at the lack of decorations compared to last year. I believe that I saw more fancier Christmas decorations. Hmm…are they being frugal or the economy not doing so well?

It was getting cold and late, so I decided to take an alternative route to go back home. I saw some people who stared at me, thinking what I was doing Christmas night and I had similar thoughts about them as well. Yeah, nice exchange.

Coming home, I saw more couples cuddling and saying I guess sweet things but I was like nah… Christmas is about Jesus not date night. Gotta be holy. Anyway, interesting to see some lost couples. The more interesting thing was that many were dressed similarly.

Anyhow got home safely and burned some calories.

Thank You Jesus for a lovely walk and let us love You more and serve our neighbors šŸ˜€