Thank You Father for a beautiful Saturday. Let us always be thankful and more loving.

  1. Thank You Father for a free Saturday. We usually have servant meeting but today we had a day off. It was lovely. I slept more and got some work done and chilled 😀
  2. Thank You Jesus for a very productive day. Really got a lot of things done.
  3. Thank You Lord for a great Christmas party. We all had a great time at church.
  4. Thank You God for Kakao. It is great to talk to my friend everyday.
  5. Thank You Father for helping us clean up the house. Now the house is much cleaner. Yay!
  6. Thank You Jesus for a nice nap. Naps are so sweet.
  7. Thank You Father for podcasts. I am really learning a lot from the podcasts.

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. Let us pray more and serve our neighbors ^^