Thank You Lord for a blessed day. Thank You for always giving us so much despite our iniquities 😀

  1. Thank You God for morning prayer. I cannot believe how morning prayer helps me start the day much better. Jesus, let us become holier.
  2. Thank You Father for another productive day. I realized that I forgot to run some things and now I am getting them done.
  3. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I was so happy to divide my plants. Jesus, I pray that we can be fruitful so we can share Your blessings to others.
  4. Thank You Father for YouTube sermons. They really help me stand up more firm. Lord, please help me listen to Your Word more.
  5. Thank You God for helping me clean the house. Yes, I am cleaning more and it is super good. I will clean more often.
  6. Thank You Lord for a good chat with my friend. Jesus, let us become holier everyday.
  7. Thank You Jesus for my bed. It is so comfortable.

Lord, let us always be thankful and give You all the glory!