Today, I finally did what I had procrastinated for two weeks. Divide and repot plants at church!

I got my box ready to do the dirty work. Washed the pots (so harmful bacteria are eliminated). I prepared soil, fertilizer, and scissors to do cutting. No gloves for toughness (actually I forgot…).

So I started with the small ones.



The small snake plants look so cute ^^

Now the heavy work, I had to split a super overcrowded snake plant.

Thankfully, one of the pastors helped and we shared how I see God’s work in plants. They grow suddenly. In bad soil, they die. If the roots are not deep, they wither. All linked to faith. No wonder Jesus explained so many things using fruits and plants ^^

This snake plant was so overcrowded that we divided into five plants! What a nice investment. I bought the plant for $20 and I could have sold the five for may be 10-15 dollars. So an excellent rate of return.

Thank You Jesus for blessing the plant so much that it multiplied so much. Lord, I pray that our faith grows like this snake plant. Time to feed my soul with the Word of God and pray to build His Kingdom.

Thank You Father for this lovely snake plant and helping us divide into more plants so we can enjoy the clean air and also learn about Your teachings.


My apologies for the shaky photo. My hands were dirty 😦