Thank You Lord for a thankful Tuesday. Thank You always for taking good care of us.

  1. Thank You God for another productive day. Please give us more wisdom.
  2. Thank You Jesus for restoring. No matter how great our sins are You always wash us and make us whole again. Lord, let me be more holy everyday.
  3. Thank you Father for prayer time. My life is so much better due to prayer. Please help me pray better.
  4. Thank You Jesus for LA’s great food. It is really lovely to have great coffee and pastries 😀
  5. Thank You God for my car. I am so blessed that I have a car to go to places.
  6. Thank You Lord for plants. I am so thankful that You multiplied the church plants so much. Now we have a church is really becoming green.
  7. Thank You Jesus for the YouTube sermons. Let me listen to them more and act accordingly.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always be more thankful and give You all the glory 😀