Thank You Jesus for a wonderful Wednesday. Let us always be more thankful everyday.

  1. Thank You Father for the great online sermons. They are so accessible and so good. All I need to do is live accordingly. Holy Spirit please help me live a righteous life.
  2. Thank You Jesus for Amazon Prime Now. I got a coupon and ordered good pho! Delicious!
  3. Thank You God for helping me get a lot of work done. I am just so thankful for my productivity. Lord, please give us more wisdom.
  4. Thank You Jesus for great bible study. Please help us read Your Word more and live accordingly.
  5. Thank You Lord for a good chat with a friend. Lord, let us become holier together.
  6. Thank You Father for my plants. I am so happy that my room is quite green ^^
  7. Thank You Jesus for my blog. I am so blessed that You have given me such a good hobby. Also, I just pray that my blog helps spread Your love 😀

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness. Let us stay firm and give You all the glory!