Thank You Father for a Thankful Thursday. We are so thankful for Your love and blessings.

  1. Thank You Jesus for morning prayer. I feel so blessed for morning prayer. We finally finished Revelations. Jesus, please let us not fear but trust You and follow Your plans.
  2. Thank You Father for a nice drive to La Brea. What a lovely area. Thank You Jesus for LA.
  3. Thank You God for calmness. I did not get upset by the fact that returning an item consumed four hours of my life. Jesus let us always be thankful and be the channel of Your blessings.
  4. Thank You Lord for fasting. Thank You for giving me the will and the strength to fast. Let us pray more deeply.
  5. Thank You Jesus for another productive day. Please continue to bless us with Your wisdom.
  6. Thank You Father for my plants. I love them a lot. They are growing greener everyday!
  7. Thank You Jesus for my family. I am so thankful for my family. I pray that we become holier everyday.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always be more thankful and give You all the glory!