Today, I felt quite sick. I am usually quite healthy but I felt pain everywhere. Despite this pain, I am thankful that I was able to give thanks to God. Jesus, let us always be thankful and praise You.

102. Thank You God for Udemy. I am thankful that I have Early Access to courses and review them. I actually learned somethings but more importantly, I learned about things not to do on Udemy courses.
103. Thank You Father for morning worship. I was very tired yet I went and prayed. Thank You for making me realize that we must always pray and give You all the glory.
104. Thank You Jesus for a nap. I really did not feel well so I slept. I thought I napped for twenty minutes but it was almost two hours.
105. Thank You God for my broken fridge. We got it for free and used it well for almost one year and a half. I am thankful that now we can get a new fridge.
106. Thank You Lord for my PC. I am very thankful that I can do work with my computer.
107. Thank You Jesus for bible reading. Reading Numbers, I realized that I missed a lot of details. Better pay closer attention.
108. Thank You God for loving us so much. Despite the fact that the Israelites grumbled so much, You disciplined them and helped them all the way. You are a good good God.
109. Thank You Lord for a nice bath. I am still a bit sick. I nice bath really helped me.
110. Thank You Jesus for lemon honey tea. I drank lots of it. Hopefully, I will be better tomorrow.
111. Thank You God for rain. Ah, I am listening to the faint sound of rain. It is drizzling but it sure helps fight the drought and also clean the air.
112. Thank You Father for a delicious dinner. I ate traditional Korean meat soup and I felt much better. I should really eat more hot soups for my health.
113. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I love them so much. Hope they keep working hard to clean the air.
114. Thank You Lord for oranges. I ate a lot of oranges because I wanted to feel better. They were sweet and delicious.
115. Thank You Father for hand lotion. My hands were quite dry and I am thankful that I had hand lotion near me.
116. Thank You Jesus for my good roommates. They gave me some juice and candy for my cold. I will feel better with more prayers.
117. Thank You Lord for enabling me to give thanks. Let us always be more thankful and give You all the glory.
118. Thank You Jesus for the cold. Now, I realize that I should be super thankful for my good health. Also, I should really take good care of myself.
119. Thank You God for my windows. They are large so it is quite nice to open them and feel the cool air and the ventilate the room.
120. Thank You Father for my external drive. Files are so large these days. It is nice to back them up.
121. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I am so grateful that I can hone my Spanish and Portuguese.
122. Thank You Lord for positive returns. I do not really care much about daily fluctuations of my portfolio. But I am pleased when I see some positive returns :p
123. Thank You God for Lending Club. I found some good notes.
124. Thank You Jesus for Snapshot Serengeti. I am thankful that I can help research and also look at the beautiful animals in the Serengeti.
125. Thank You Lord for Eyewire. I am thankful that I can help neuroscience through marking neurons. Although, I am not very good haha.
126. Thank You Father for Kakao. It is so nice to talk friends who are far away.
127. Thank You Jesus for an extra pair of sweatpants. I thought I ran out of sweat pants but found one in the drawer. Tomorrow, I will do laundry :p
128. Thank You Lord for the new equipment at the gym. Love to do pull ups. I will do more pull ups and become more muscular (?).
129. Thank You God for my family. I love them so much. I pray that we become holier.
130. Thank You Father for my church. We are a small church but we have so many missions and things to do. Yet we remain strong in You Jesus. Thank You Lord.
131. Thank You God for Microsoft Office. My productive would be so low without them.
132. Thank You Father for Bing. Bing search engine used to be quite bad but now it is quite good actually. I actually do the majority of the searches with Bing and only use Google when I can’t get good search results.
133. Thank You Jesus for my friend who called me. It is nice to hear from your friends. Jesus please make us holier.
134. Thank You God for helping me to write this post. I did not know what to thank today but as soon as I started writing, You showed me how much You have blessed me!

Thank You God for another blessed day. Let us always give thanks to You!