Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. I am so thankful for the rain and the refreshing air. I am thankful that You blessed me so much that I could give 100+ thanks. Lord, I pray that I love You more everyday and that I love my neighbors as myself. Jesus, I can’t do it without You. So please fill me with the Holy Spirit and use me as a channel of Your blessings.

135. Thank You Jesus for the rain. I was so joyful for the rain. The air smelled so nice and clean.
136. Thank You God for stopping the rain and making the sunshine when I was going to school. I was preparing to take my umbrella and prepare for some moisture but the sun came out and it was beautiful.
137. Thank You Jesus for Korean restaurants. Although I had wait 40 minutes, I enjoyed the hot soup that surely gave me strength and battled my bad cold.
138. Thank You Father for laundry. I am thankful that I have access to a laundry machine. I am thankful that I do not have to toil. I pray that laundry machines become more accessible to everyone.
139. Thank You Lord for elevators. I am thankful for the convenience.
140. Thank You God for good parking. I found great parking at school and the way back home. Thank You Jesus, good parking is a such a blessing in LA.
141. Thank You Father for helping me fix my code. I realized that I had to tweak somethings and it seems to be working well 😀
142. Thank You Jesus for helping me clean my data. I realized that my data cleaning was not so clean because I was tired (probably) but I made it more consistent now.
143. Thank You God for a nice chat with Myungshin. I am so grateful that we can chat about many things for a long time.
144. Thank You Father for Kakao. I am so thankful that I can talk to my family and keep them updated with Kakao.
145. Thank You Lord for Facebook. Facebook is suggesting me very interesting posts and news. I like them.
146. Thank You Jesus for YouTube sermons. I am so blessed that we have so many great sermons on YouTube.
147. Thank You Father for my advisor. He is very supportive and gives me good guidance. Thank You Jesus for blessing our relation so much.
148. Thank You Lord for strength. I have done a lot of research and I should be a bit tired and weary but by Your grace, I am able to keep pushing.
149. Thank You Jesus for this post. I am so thankful that I can give more thanks to You Jesus.
150. Thank You Lord for Samonim’s gift. I am so joyful now that we water plates with wheels for our plants at church.
151. Thank You Jesus for a gift. My grateful that my friends love me so much.
152. Thank You Father for the new cross-fit equipment at my gym. I love the pull up bars and straps. I will work out harder now.
153. Thank You Lord for the snacks at church. I am so thankful that there is always food at church.
154. Thank You God for hot water. I am thankful that I can take hot showers.
155. Thank You Lord for a nice Godiva box. Now I can put all my cables there and open it when I need them,
156. Thank You Jesus for nice notes on Lending Club. I am joyful that I found great notes that fit my investment criteria.
157. Thank You Lord for value investing podcast. I learned a bit more about value investing.
158. Thank You Jesus for toilet paper. We should be always be thankful for toilet paper because without toilet paper, we may have to make dire choices.
159. Thank You Lord for my brother. I am so thankful for his love, support, and humor. I pray that he becomes close to You again Jesus.
160. Thank You Father for our pastors. I am so thankful for their love and dedication. I pray that You bless them and use them as Your mighty tools.
161. Thank You Jesus for Amazon. I am thankful that my package came on time. Yay!
162. Thank You Father for lotion. I love my lotion but now I want to see what other lotions are good.
163. Thank You Lord for USC library. I am thankful that I was able to borrow a book that I wanted to read.
164. Thank You Father for my legs. I am so thankful that I can walk around. I loved the walk today at school. There was no one and the wind was very welcoming.
165. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible. Before I had trouble reading the bible. I really had to force myself. Now I am very joyful to read Your Word and try my best to apply it to my life.

Thank You Father for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful and rejoice in You Jesus.