Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. I am thankful that You protected us today. Please look after us for the rest of the week. Bless us and let us share Your love with all nations.

263. Thank You Father for another blessed day. I felt so blessed today for all that You have given us.
264. Thank You Jesus for my PC. I am thankful that my programs run quite quickly.
265. Thank You Lord for my chair. I am thankful that my chair is getting old but still working well 😀
266. Thank You Father for my keyboard. I am thankful that I can type easily.
267. Thank You Jesus for my mouse. It is getting old but it works well.
268. Thank You Lord for noodles. As much as I try not to eat noodles, they are delicious.
269. Thank You God for eggs. I am thankful that eggs are delicious and nutritious.
270. Thank You Jesus for Jons. I bought a lot of bananas and oranges at a very cheap price.
271. Thank You God for bananas. I love them. They taste good and have lot of fibers.
272. Thank You Lord for oranges. I got them at a quite cheap price.
273. Thank You Jesus for my refrigerator. The broken refrigerator reminds me how thankful I should be for cold storage.
274. Thank You Father for my gym. I went to work out twice today and I feel my muscles working out.
275. Thank You Jesus for enabling me to do pull-ups. I am thankful that I can still do 8-10 pull-ups. Hopefully, with more exercise, I should be able to do 20-30 pull-ups.
276. Thank You Lord for a bathroom. It would be quite uncomfortable if my house did not have a bathroom.
277. Thank You Jesus for Brita. It is sad that we have to filter our water. But still I am thankful that we have clean water.
278. Thank You God for lotion. I should really take better care of my skin.
279. Thank You Jesus for a hot bath. It really helped me relax and ease my back pain.
280. Thank You Lord for soap. It keeps me clean and it is environmentally friendly.
281. Thank You Father for coffee. I love coffee. Yumm! Hopefully, I learn how to make better coffee.
282. Thank You God for Microsoft Word. I can write documents and also compose my post.
283. Thank You Jesus for my monitors. They are large and increase my productivity.
284. Thank You Lord for bible reading. I am so thankful that I can read the bible everyday and learn something new.
285. Thank You God for prayer time. We prayed a lot today. In fact, I started running out of things to pray but thankfully You reminded me more people to pray for.
286. Thank You Jesus for my church that has morning and evening prayers. Let us always pray more and give You all the glory.
287. Thank You Father for YouTube. I watched a lot of game videos, which I should not but it was enjoyable. I will not watch them.
288. Thank You Lord for helping me repent. I am so sinful and I can’t imagine a life without Your guidance Jesus. Please make me repent more and become anew everyday.
289. Thank You God for Tim Keller’s book on marriage. I am thankful that my eyes have been opened and that true love is serving and self-sacrifice.
290. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I am thankful that they are growing well.
291. Thank You Lord for my growing light. I turn it on whenever I feel that the plants did not receive enough sun light.
292. Thank You Father for a good chat with my parents. I pray that they love each other more and become closer to You Jesus.
293. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can pray together and really grow together in You Jesus.
294. Thank You Jesus for my beta. It is still strong and swimming.
295. Thank You God for my worms. They are busy breaking down the food scraps. I should really harvest the compost.
296. Thank You Lord for Instagram. I am finally on Instagram again. I should post more photos hee hee.
297. Thank You Jesus for Udemy’s REIT course. I learned something new today. I also learned how I should explain things.
298. Thank You Lord for giving me the ability to thank. Let us always be more thankful and give You all the glory.
299. Thank You Jesus for the rain today. It was small but it will help resolve the drought and I just love the clean air.
300. Thank You God for fasting. Right now I only fast one meal but it is my plan to fast two meals and hopefully start fasting all day. Need to discipline myself ^^

Thank You Jesus for helping me write this post. Let us always be more thankful and give You all the glory 😀