Thank You Lord for a blessed day. I am so thankful for the rain. Please quench our thirst and clean our sins. Let us become holier everyday.

301. Thank You Jesus for the rain. Please wash away the pollution and our sins.
302. Thank You Lord for morning worship. I pray that USC and other campuses have a revival and that the students enjoy Your love and blessings.
303. Thank You God for bagels. I love bagels. I just wished I had toasted them πŸ˜€
304. Thank You Jesus for a good meeting with my friend. I pray that she becomes closer to You and that You bless her and her family.
305. Thank You Lord for a good meeting with my former student. I also pray that she gets to know You and that You give her peace.
306. Thank You Father for my legs. I am so fortunate that I can walk around and enjoy the change in scenery.
307. Thank You God for my hands. I am thankful that I can write and scratch myself.
308. Thank You Jesus for the good brown bag presentation. I learned a lot of litigation and settlement.
309. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. It is such a blessing that we can share about You Jesus and pray for each other.
310. Thank You God for Kakao. I am thankful that Kakao bring my friends and family closer through video chat.
311. Thank You Jesus for wechat. I am so thankful that I can contact my Chinese friends.
312. Thank You God for gmail. I am thankful that it is easy to use and free.
313. Thank You Lord for Bing. I am thankful that its search is Ok and improving.
314. Thank You Jesus for a good notes at Lending Club. I pray that my returns increase πŸ˜€
315. Thank You Father for an increase in my portfolio. I am thankful that You have given me the investing skills and capital. I am still learning. Lord, I pray that You give me more wisdom.
316. Thank You Jesus for a good nap. I was so tired but a good nap refreshed me.
317. Thank You Father for Uber. I had a nice chat with the driver and learned a lot about Uber.
318. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are busy cleaning the air in my room.
319. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible. Today, I felt tired and really had to force myself to read the bible. Thank You Lord for the daily Word. Let us always taste the sweetness of Your Word.
320. Thank You God for Udemy review. I enjoyed reviewing new courses.
321. Thank You Jesus for Udemy sale. I am thankful that I bought two useful courses for $20.
322. Thank You Lord for SEC EDGAR. I am thankful that I can download SEC filings.
323. Thank You Father for PERL. It is the program that enabled me to extract a lot of data.
324. Thank You Jesus for dual monitor. I am very productive with two monitors.
325. Thank You Lord for external hard drives. I am thankful that I can backup my data.
326. Thank You Jesus for the water filter at church. I am thankful that I can get clean water from church, saving money and the environment.
327. Thank You Lord for fasting. I am thankful that I can fast. I really felt the hunger and made a better connection with You Jesus.
328. Thank You God for lotion. Today, I put more lotion on for my skin because I should really take better care of myself.
329. Thank You Jesus for free lunch. I am very happy to eat Subway sandwiches.
330. Thank You God for a good chat with my advisor. He is really kind and I am very thankful for his guidance and support. I pray that You continue to bless our relation.
331. Thank You Father for a good walk with a friend. I pray that You bless our health and give us more wisdom.
332. Thank You God for my office. I am thankful that my friends can study together in my office.
333. Thank You Lord for an old man’s kindness. He asked whether I was Ok or lost. I was just avoiding the rain inside of the building. I am thankful for his caring spirit.

Father, let us always give You thanks. Let us not complain but pray and love. Jesus, we are so thankful for all that You have done for us πŸ˜€