As a student of economics, I am always fascinated by the law of unintended consequences. Recently, Zimbabwe decriminalized prostitution and things did not go as planned. Legalization of prostitution encouraged others to join the trade, increasing the competition and lowering the price charged for sex. Existing prostitutes had to lower prices or hire a man to protect their areas. With increased competition, it seems like the consumers of sex gained the majority of the benefits through lower prices and increased choices.


As a Christian, I support rehabilitation and healing rather than harsh punishments. So I am glad for less punishment. As a person who likes economics, I do believe that market approach is the most efficient solution.

However, as this case shows, even market solutions have flaws. Now more people are engaged in prostitution. The cost of prostitution in the whole economy is likely to be material given that many sex transactions are likely related to infidelity, which hurts families.

So should we criminalize prostitution again? I do not think that is the solution either. I think it is best that we focus on the roots of prostitution.

Why do people engage in prostitution? Is it poverty?

Why do people buy sex? Is it due to loneliness?

I think as a society, it is better to focus on these causes rather than fighting over to criminalize/ decriminalize issues. Finally, I do believe that love is the ultimate answer for everything. So love your neighbors 😀