Thank You Jesus for looking after us this week. Please continue to bless us throughout the weekend. Let us always praise You and show Your love to all nations.

401. Thank You Jesus for morning worship. I am so joyful that I made it to morning worship and prayed.
402. Thank You Father for the church plants. They are growing well.
403. Thank You Lord for instant coffee. I was lazy to grind the beans so I had instant coffee. It was not so good but it woke up me up.
404. Thank You Jesus for I am very thankful that I can keep track of my finances.
405. Thank You Lord for Motif. I am thankful that I get buy up to 30 stocks for $10 and diversify my holdings.
406. Thank You Jesus for Lending Club. I found good notes today.
407. Thank You God for Udemy. I am thankful that I can learn new skills.
408. Thank You Father for a good chat with Myungshin. I pray that make You us holier every day.
409. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with my parents. I pray that our family becomes holier every day.
410. Thank You God for Bing news. I often find interesting news.
411. Thank You Lord for excel. I cleaned a lot of data today.
412. Thank You Jesus for helping me beat temptation. I had a quite holy day.
413. Thank You Father for great dinner. I enjoyed the rice and the miso soup.
414. Thank You God for leftover fried rice. It was delicious!
415. Thank You Jesus for a sweet nap. I almost did not wake up because I slept quite deep and my bed literally hugged me tight.
416. Thank You Lord for large windows. I am thankful that I have large windows that let in a lot of light and air.
417. Thank You Jesus for oranges. I love oranges after meals. So savory.
418. Thank You Father for bananas. I am thankful that they are cheap and delicious.
419. Thank You Lord for my gym. Today I felt tired so I focused mostly on legs and I felt good.
420. Thank You Jesus for water. I am so thankful that we have clean water. I pray that You give clean water to the world.
421. Thank You Father for podcasts. I am thankful that I am learning something new almost every day.
422. Thank You Jesus for sermons on YouTube. I am thankful that I am learning more about You Jesus everyday.
423. Thank You God for Facebook. I am thankful that I can see how my friends are doing and also read interesting articles.
424. Thank You Lord for Friday Worship. I was happy to see people who usually do not come to Friday worship.
425. Thank You Father for the babies. They are so cute and adorable. Please give us such child-like faith, so we can believe more!
426. Thank You Jesus for my professor’s kindness. I am thankful for his care.
427. Thank You Lord for hot showers. I am thankful that I have a luxury of a hot shower.
428. Thank You Father for YouTube. So much interesting stuff. I should definitely use my time more wisely.
429. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with a friend. Please bless us and give us more wisdom.
430. Thank You Father for our house. We are joyful that our house can serve others.

Thank You God for a blessed week. Let us always be more thankful everyday 😀