Thank You God for a blessed Saturday. I am so thankful for Your love and mercy. Let us be more thankful everyday šŸ˜€

431. Thank You God for waking me up. I am joyful that You have given me another day.
432. Thank You Jesus for my church. I am thankful that we can work together to bring You glory.
433. Thank You Father for encouragement. I pray that we become holier and serve You more.
434. Thank You Lord for a productive day. I cleaned a lot of data.
435. Thank You Father for excel. It makes data cleaning possible.
436. Thank You Jesus for Udemy Early Access. Today I reviewed two great courses. I actually learned quite a bit from the courses.
437. Thank You Lord for oranges. I love them. They are sweet and cheap.
438. Thank You Father for bananas. I bought them very cheaply today.
439. Thank You God for three new plants. I bought three new beautiful plants at a cheap price.
440. Thank You Lord for Zion market. I bought blue berries, black berries, and noodles at a steep discount. Thank you Zion for helping PhD students šŸ˜€
441. Thank You Jesus for my gym. I did a lot of pull-ups today and I feel good.
442. Thank You God for my drill. I am thankful that it can be used for tasks at church.
443. Thank You Lord for a sweet nap. I slept only 30 minutes and I felt refreshed.
444. Thank You God for my Dyson. I am thankful that I can clean my house.
445. Thank You Jesus for coffee. I am thankful that I can drink good coffee.
446. Thank You Lord for water. I am thankful that I always have water to drink.
447. Thank You Father for Dropbox. I am thankful that my data is well stored in the cloud.
448. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I watched some interesting videos about good science. I have to study more and be more skeptical.
449. Thank You Lord for discernment. I still need more discernment but thank You for enabling me to discern. Please give us more wisdom.
450. Thank You God for my roommates. I am thankful that they are loving and caring. I pray that we all become holier.
451. Thank You Jesus for my blog. I am thankful that I can express my thoughts and give thanks to You Lord.
452. Thank You God for Quora. I am thankful that I can help others through answering their questions.
453. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can read the bible together and pray.
454. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are green and well.
455. Thank You God for my keyboard and mouse. I am thankful that they still work pretty well.
456. Thank You Jesus for all your goodness. We are thankful that You love us so much.
457. Thank You Lord for the give thanks posts. I really think more about all the blessings that You have given us.
458. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with my friend. I pray that You give us more wisdom and make us holier.
459. Thank You God for enabling me to help others. I still need to learn more about research and coding but I am thankful that I can help.
460. Thank You Jesus for pop-corn. I am thankful that pop-corn is delicious and relatively cheap.

Thank You Jesus for everything. Let us praise more everyday ^^