I am so thankful that I have already given 500 thanks πŸ˜€ Jesus, I pray that You bless us more and that we can give You all the glory.

501. Thank You Lord for morning worship. Although I was late, I was able to really pray hard.
502. Thank You Jesus for coffee. I am so thankful that coffee gives energy. I should rely on Your Word more though πŸ˜€
503. Thank You God for my blog. I am thankful that I can give thanks to You.
504. Thank You Lord for a wonderful lunch with a friend. I am thankful for the Korean food and my friend.
505. Thank You God for great coffee. We went to a new coffee shop and it had good coffee, although it was a bit expensive.
506. Thank You Jesus for my plants. I was able to bring some plants to church.
507. Thank You Lord for large windows. I am thankful that the large windows give enough sun to make the church plants grow well.
508. Thank You Jesus for water spray. I am thankful that I can mist the plants and take better care of them.
509. Thank You God for brothers and sisters in Christ. I am thankful that we are not alone and stand together.
510. Thank You Lord for bananas. They are so cheap and tasty.
511. Thank You Jesus for oranges. I love eating oranges after a meal. It refreshes my mouth.
512. Thank You God for Quora. I went on an answering rampage. I answered many questions and got upvotes.
513. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I am thankful that I watched some informative videos. I should really watch less game footages.
514. Thank You God for evening prayer. I am thankful that I prayed hard and deeply.
515. Thank You Jesus for a deacon who prayed for me. I pray that I become more intimate with You Jesus. Please heal my wounds and let me be more holy.
516. Thank You Lord for chairs. I am thankful that we can sit and do not have to stand.
517. Thank You God for Costco credit card. I am thankful that it accrues a lot of awards.
518. Thank You Jesus for the broken printer. We ordered a new printer but it was broken. I learned to control my anger and annoyance. Thank You Lord.
519. Thank You Father for Amazon’s easy return policy. I am thankful that Amazon has good customer service.
520. Thank You Jesus for giving me an opportunity to learn about projectors and printers.
521. Thank You Lord for a good chat with my friend. I pray that You give us more wisdom.
522. Thank You Jesus for SEC filings. I am thankful that they are public.
523. Thank You God for Perl. I am thankful that I can extract useful data from text.
524. Thank You Lord for Stata. I am thankful that I can use Stata for analysis.
525. Thank You Jesus for a great chat with my parents. I pray that You bless our family and that we become holier.
526. Thank You Lord for a great chat with Myungshin. I miss her but we will pray more and become holier.
527. Thank You Father for my brother. He is very insightful and funny πŸ˜€
528. Thank You God for Kakao. I am thankful for the efficient communication.
529. Thank You Lord for the bible. I am thankful that I am reading the bible everyday.
530. Thank You Jesus for Microsoft Word. It is a great program hee hee.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always be joyful and share Your love πŸ˜€