Today was a blessed day. I went to morning worship, watered the plants, came home and got to work. I had great fellowship with my pastor Seongho and his wife. I am so thankful for all Your blessing Jesus.

563. Thank You God for morning worship. I am thankful that I can start the day with You.
564. Thank You Lord for the bible. I am thankful that we have guide book that will help us. Please help us read Your word more and become holier.
565. Thank You God for church plants. I am thankful that they are growing well.
566. Thank You Jesus for the large windows at church. I am thankful that there is enough sun to help the plants grow well.
567. Thank You Lord for emergency lights. I am thankful that these lights help the plants grow more. I have to move the plants around but it is good exercise.
568. Thank You Jesus for Olive Tree Academy. I pray that You raise holy warriors and bless them. Please give them more wisdom.
569. Thank You God for Olive Tree Academy staff. They are so humble and dedicated. I pray that You bless them and their families.
570. Thank You Jesus for a Korean pork BBQ. It was delicious and it was made quite fast.
571. Thank You Father for good fellowship with one of our pastors and his wife. I am thankful for Your servants. Please bless them and their family.
572. Thank You God for good coffee. I am thankful for Document, which has great coffee.
573. Thank You Jesus for giving me enough money to treat others. Jesus, I am thankful that You have given me enough wealth to help others.
574. Thank You God for giving heart. Lord, I am so selfish and so sinful. But by Your grace, I repent and love. Jesus, let me love more and give more.
575. Thank You Father for Kiva. I am thankful that I can help the poor through Kiva, especially the widows.
576. Thank You God for Facebook. I was able to say hello to an old friend. I pray that he gets to know You Jesus.
577. Thank You Father for Stata. I did a lot of work on Stata today.
578. Thank You Lord for Stata error. It used to make me quite angry when the program that ran for six hours would just stop but now I am calm and see how I can fix it. Jesus, only You can give me such peace.
579. Thank You Father for Perl. I am able to extract URLs.
580. Thank You Lord for Kakao. I am thankful that I communicate with my friends effectively.
581. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I miss her a lot. We pray that we become holier.
582. Thank You God for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk around freely.
583. Thank You Lord for Jons. I am thankful that I can buy good fruits at a very cheap price.
584. Thank You Jesus for my plants. They are growing well. I will repot them soon.
585. Thank You Lord for email. It is so much easier to communicate these days.
586. Thank You Father for podcasts. I am learning a lot from financial podcasts.
587. Thank You God for Quora. I am answering more popular questions and getting more views.
588. Thank You Jesus for Motif Blue. Selling is no commission woohoo!
589. Thank You God for wisdom. I am thankful that You give me more wisdom every day. I pray that You pour down Your wisdom on me.
590. Thank You Lord for Amazon. I am thankful that I can buy things very conveniently.
591. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible. Reading 5-6 chapters a day is quite challenging but by Your grace, I can do it.
592. Thank You Jesus for good bible study. Today we learned how to pray better through John 17. Please reveal us Your plans and help us obey.
593. Thank You God for my blog. I am thankful that I can praise You Jesus and write about my thoughts.
594. Thank You Lord for more followers. I am thankful that they find something funny or amusing on the blog.
595. Thank You Father for Duolingo. My Spanish is definitely improving.
596. Thank You Jesus for a good workout. I am thankful that I can continue to do pull-ups. I should do more.
597. Thank You God for my advisor. He gives me good ideas. I pray that You bless our relation and give us more wisdom.
598. Thank You Jesus for lotion. I am thankful that I can take care of my skin.
599. Thank You Lord for rain. I prayed for more rain so the drought can be resolved and our hearts can be cleansed. Thank You God for the rain.
600. Thank You Jesus for reminding me all the blessings that You have given me.
601. Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always remember Your love 😀

Lord, I am so amazed on how much You bless us everyday. Let us not take anything for granted because everything is gift and a blessing. Give us thankful hearts so we can praise You. Give us loving hearts so we can love more and serve others.