I came across an article about Uber drivers sleeping parking lots to make ends meet.

It is sad that many Uber drivers are facing hardships. However, there seems to be issues with the drivers’ comments.


  1. Keep Uber fee high. There is a reason why Uber is so popular because it is economical. If Uber keeps fees high than customers will choose Lyft or other alternative and both Uber and its drivers will suffer.
  2. Only relying on Uber. This does not seem like a best idea because you are putting yourself at a mercy of a company in a very competitive industry. Although Uber did overpromise through its advertisements, we should really think things through and be wary. Never put all your eggs on one basket.
  3. Uber vs. other choices? Yes, Uber has issues but what other better alternatives did the drivers have? If it were not for Uber, they may not even had the opportunity to make some money and enjoy the flexibility. I am not advocating for Uber but want to emphasize that the drivers considered some trade offs and made a decision. Also, Uber drivers can always decide to leave.

Overall, I am saddened by the circumstances that the Uber drivers are going through. However, I do not believe that keeping prices high or increasing drivers’ benefits will help Uber or the drivers. It is best to let the market work. If Uber cannot provide competitive compensation, the drivers will leave and the problem will should resolve.