Thank You God for a blessed Sunday. Let us always be thankful and praise You!

932. Thank You God for a wonderful morning. Always, great to wake up and start another day.
933. Thank You Jesus for my good roommates. I am thankful for their love and care.
934. Thank You Lord for great worship. Let us spread Your love and gospel to all nations.
935. Thank You Father for a newcomer. We are thankful that You keep sending us new people.
936. Thank You God for the bible. I am thankful that I am continuing the do the bible reading.
937. Thank You Lord for good fellowship. I am thankful for the brothers and sisters in Christ.
938. Thank You Jesus for a ddukguk (dumpling soup). It was delicious.
939. Thank You Father a good nap. I really needed it.
940. Thank You Lord for a good dinner at my aunt’s place. Please bless our family and let us pray more.
941. Thank You Jesus for new ideas. Please give me more wisdom.
942. Thank You Father for church plants. They are growing so well.
943. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are doing well as well.
944. Thank You Jesus for my worms. They are healthy and busy making compost.
945. Thank You God for my beta. It is still alive and strong.
946. Thank You Lord for a good talk with a friend. Please give us more wisdom.
947. Thank You Jesus for prayer. I am thankful that I can pray.
948. Thank You God for Narae. We are thankful for her love and dedication.
949. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. It is always so nice to share Your love and pray together.
950. Thank You Lord for my family. I am truly blessed with a loving family.
951. Thank You Jesus for discernment. I am so lost and know so little but by Your love, at least, I do less stupid things.
952. Thank You God for the sun. Without the sun, we would all die.
953. Thank You Jesus for running water. I am thankful that I can keep myself clean.
954. Thank You Father for electricity. I am thankful that I can run my devices.
955. Thank You Lord for my PC. It runs all my stuff.
956. Thank You Jesus for Quora. I answered some good questions and got upvotes.
957. Thank You God for Duolingo. I am finally practicing more.
958. Thank You Jesus for Coursera. I am enjoying the history of the bible course.
959. Thank You Lord for Udemy. I found an excellent time lapse photo course.
960. Thank You God for Korean. I really love the language so versatile.
961. Thank You Jesus for driving. I am thankful that I know how to drive.

Thank You Lord for everything. Let us rejoice Your victory!