Usually, I try to sleep on time. However, more often than not, I am stuck on a problem that seems to be doable but yet I cannot think straight because I am tired.

I try to wake myself up but then I remind myself I should wake up early and start fresh tomorrow. Usually, I do that. But sometimes, I think the solution is really right there. I can almost feel it. I think if I stare it at hard enough or punch in more commands, things will be done.

I start making links to other papers that I have read or have somehow heard…ahhh…I feel like an artist struggling late at night for an inspiration, well, for me it’s a solution.

I try to open my eyes but I am so tired. I realize that if I had started working earlier or stayed more focus on the screen, I may have found the answer and be sleeping right now….

But I know this is PhD life. These things happened before and it will happen again. I am thankful that I can do research. I am thankful that God blessed me with curiosity and tenacity.

I know tomorrow is another day. I know that all my good ideas right now are either erased or realize that they were stupid. That is the beauty of late night research, it’s not productive. You just feel tired. I know that now and very well.

So having learned from experience, I will now sleep and check my notes tomorrow and see what I can recover. Again, I am thankful for all the wisdom from God and I look forward to a more blessed day tomorrow.

I pray for wisdom for all PhDs and researchers šŸ˜€

God bless us all!