Thank You Lord for a brand new month. We pray that we become holier than yesterday and that we bring You more glory every day.

1033. Thank You Jesus for morning prayer. I am inspired by Acts. Please let us act and love more.
1034. Thank You Father for cereal. Very convenient and somewhat delicious.
1035. Thank You Lord for internet. I am always thankful for the useful information on the web.
1036. Thank You Jesus for water. I am thankful that I have drinking water.
1037. Thank You God for bananas. They are yummy and delicious.
1038. Thank You Lord for my bed. It is so nice to lie down for few minutes when you are frustrated.
1039. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible. Please help me read more every day.
1040. Thank You God for prayer. I am thankful that I can always pray to You Jesus.
1041. Thank You Lord for my computer. It helps me get work done.
1042. Thank You Jesus for good ideas. I wrote two blog posts.
1043. Thank You God for my blog. It is becoming more popular and I think the posts are becoming more useful.
1044. Thank You Father for Facebook. I found some interesting news.
1045. Thank You Lord for Digg. They have something interesting.
1046. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I am practicing more.
1047. Thank You Father for Quora. I am answering more questions.
1048. Thank You Lord for Coursera. I love learning about Israel’s history.
1049. Thank You God for Udemy. I reviewed a course.
1050. Thank You Jesus for Amazon. I like how convenient it is.
1051. Thank You Father for Lending Club. I found good notes.
1052. Thank You Lord for Kakao. I had a good talk with my parents.
1053. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray with my parents. Lord, I pray that our house becomes holier every day.
1054. Thank You Father for Myungshin. I am so blessed because we love You Jesus and we can pray together.
1055. Thank You God for helping me beat anger. I was so angry but I prayed and I meditated and You gave me peace.
1056. Thank You Jesus for snacks. I am thankful that I have something to eat at home.
1057. Thank You God for church plants. They are growing very well. Please bless them.
1058. Thank You Lord for my plants. They are also growing well. Please bless them too.
1059. Thank You Jesus for Perl. It is still running.
1060. Thank You Lord for Stata. Did some more data cleaning.
1061. Thank You Father for delicious dinner.
1062. Thank You Jesus for bible study. Let us know more about You Jesus.
1063. Thank You God for my gym. I exercised a bit more.
1064. Thank You Lord for podcasts. I am enjoying the Bloomberg Law podcast.

Thank You Lord for all Your love 😀