So yesterday, Berkeley’s campus became chaotic due to protest against an extreme right wing speaker.

This is just sad. I understand that the speaker is a alternative right and he says things that are quite hateful. However, responding in violence is cowardly and hateful.

Why do they reside to violence? How are they than different from the fascists who also use violence?

Civil society has been built on respect and the ability to listen to the even most ridiculous and heinous ideologies. If the left starts becoming violent every time they see something that they don’t like. Then they are the ones who are breaking down society.

I think it is time to become mature. There are many crazy people out there and we will have more. And every time we see someone crazy, we can’t go crazy like them. Realize that modern civilization is here because we decided to be respectful and not going berserk every time we see something that we don’t like.

I hope there are more violent protests. I hope there is more dialogues between the two sides and more understanding.

If the left wing keeps acting violently, it will only give more fuel to the right wing and things will not be pretty.

Time to really grow up and go back to the respect that our society is built on.