Thank You Lord for another blessed day. I pray that You always be with us and lead us. Let us be more humble and loving ๐Ÿ˜€


1193. Thank You God for waking me up this morning. It is always a blessing to live another day.
1194. Thank You Lord for morning worship. God, I pray that we always start the day with You.
1195. Thank You Father for Perl. It is getting new data.
1196. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is very effective.
1197. Thank You Lord for YouTube. I am enjoying the sermons.
1198. Thank You God for Duolingo. I see my Spanish improving.
1199. Thank You Jesus for my blog. I am so happy to share my thoughts.
1200. Thank You Lord for the rain. Please cleanse our hearts and restore us.
1201. Thank You Father for clean air. I am really enjoying the clear skies and the clean air.
1202. Thank You God for my chair. I am thankful that it is a good chair.
1203. Thank You Jesus for Kindle. I love reading books on Kindle.
1204. Thank You Lord for the book of Samuel. I have realized things that I have not understood before. Please make us holier every day.
1205. Thank You God for the YouTube recommendations. I found some interesting channels.
1206. Thank You Lord for electricity. I am thankful that I can run my devices.
1207. Thank You God for my legs. I can move around.
1208. Thank You Jesus for Jons. I bought a plant and bananas ๐Ÿ˜€
1209. Thank You Lord for fasting. It makes me be humbler.
1210. Thank You Father for blessing me so much. Let me be thankful for all Your love and mercy.
1211. Thank You God for Udemy. I like to learn new things and get inspired.
1212. Thank You Jesus for Econtalk. I love learning about new issues.
1213. Thank You Lord for Quora. I answered some tough questions.
1214. Thank You God for my apartment. We have security guards and a front desk to receive packages.
1215. Thank You Jesus for my gym. I am thankful that I can work out.
1216. Thank You Lord for my health. I am so thankful that I am not sick.
1217. Thank You Jesus for a great evening prayer. I pray that more people come and we pray all together for Your return Jesus.
1218. Thank You God for my eyes. They are still well. Jesus, please protect my eyes.
1219. Thank You Father for new ideas. Today, I got new ideas about IPOs.
1220. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. I am thankful for the efficient communication.
1221. Thank You God for Dyson. My house is finally clean again.
1222. Thank You Jesus for worms. There is so much food. I hope they can eat it all somehow.
1223. Thank You Lord for coffee. I am joyful when I prepare coffee ๐Ÿ˜€
1224. Thank You God for running water. I am thankful that I can do my dishes.
1225. Thank You Jesus for all Your love. Let us always be more loving and humble.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always be thankful ๐Ÿ˜€