I started Quora because I felt like I was not doing much. I wanted to help out more people but I was often chained to my computer.

So when I have heard about Quora, I immediately started answering questions. I did not expect much and I just wanted to help.

Thankfully, many people found my answers helpful. Most of my answers were short and to the point. I wanted to write long answers but then my research instinct kicked in and I wrote answers that took me an hour to write. Unfortunately, I did not have that much time. I also felt like if I wanted to give a great answer, I had to do more research and that would be at least 3-4 hours. So even now, most of my answers have been short.

Most of my answers get either 0 upvote or 1-2 upvotes. I think as long as I helped someone a bit I did my job 😀 Ahh, I feel a bit more fulfilled.

The other good thing that I like about Quora is that I get to read interesting questions and answers. Those are the real gems. I really thank those writers who write very insightful answers. I also like those who give insider view of things. Thank you dear MVPs!

So I highly encourage you try to out Quora. Ask and answer questions.

Finally, let us not forget good questions lead to good answers 😀