Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us always be more thankful.


1460. Thank You Lord for morning prayer. It is a blessing to start the day with You God.
1461. Thank You Jesus for breakfast. Need to be healthy 😀
1462. Thank You Father for my razor. Love a clean shave.
1463. Thank You Lord for lotion. I need to take better care of my skin.
1464. Thank You Jesus for a good meeting with my advisor. I pray that You continue to bless our relationship.
1465. Thank You Father for Chick-fil-a. I love the chicken sandwich, so delicious.
1466. Thank You God for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk.
1467. Thank You Lord for coffee. The latte was delicious.
1468. Thank You Jesus for a good talk with a friend. I pray that he gets to know You Jesus.
1469. Thank You Lord for my office. I am thankful that I have an office.
1470. Thank You God for great parking spots. This is a true blessing in LA.
1471. Thank You Father for my car. I can go to places.
1472. Thank You Lord for Microsoft Word. I edited my paper.
1473. Thank You Jesus for writing skills. My writing skills are not that good but I can still spot errors and correct them.
1474. Thank You God for patience. Wow, I really went through my paper thoroughly fixing silly mistakes.
1475. Thank You Jesus for Perl. It is still downloading SEC filings.
1476. Thank You Father for my chair. I can work sitting down.
1477. Thank You Lord for my PC. It works quite well.
1478. Thank You Jesus for fasting. I am humbler and a bit holier.
1479. Thank You God for prayer time. Jesus, I pray that I can pray more.
1480. Thank You Father for David and Jessie. I am so thankful that I can pray with brothers and sisters in Christ.
1481. Thank You Lord for church plants. They are growing well.
1482. Thank You Jesus for my plants. They are also doing well.
1483. Thank You God for Myungshin. I am thankful that we can talk every day.
1484. Thank You Father for my blog. I am really enjoying the process of blogging.
1485. Thank You Lord for Quora. Yup, answering questions.
1486. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I am sharpening my Spanish.
1487. Thank You Lord for smartphone. I actually make phone calls.
1488. Thank You Father for Facebook. Nice to see how everyone is doing.
1489. Thank You God for my roommates. I pray that we become holier.
1490. Thank You Jesus for water. I am thankful that we have clean water.
1491. Thank You Father for my bed. So nice to lie down and rest for a bit.
1492. Thank You Lord for lights. I am thankful that we can do things at night because of lights.

Lord, we are so thankful that You have created us and saved us. Let us never forget Your love and grace 😀