sg29Yesterday was a very busy day. I fixed my paper over and over again.

Despite spending many months, polishing the paper, I still found minor errors and awkward flows!

Wow! What I realized that after you fix the large issues, the small things start to appear. Of course, the paper would be fine even without fixing some words, I tried to make it flow like melody.

Writing is hard. But the good news is that writing, writing, and writing more really helps.

Another issue that I realized while fixing my paper was that everyone has his own style. When I tried to make it fancies, deviating from my bare-bone, straight-to-the-point style things got messy.

It is my goal to write more beautifully. I want to write a paper that feels like a walk in the park on a sunny day with the perfect breeze and all the birds singing. However, for now, my paper is quite straight forward. It gets the message across.

I am thankful that I learned a lot through fixing my paper. I thank God for giving me the ability to write and revise. I look forward to improving my writing and hopefully making it sweet as honey.

Time to write, write, and write more 😀