I remember reading a study on measuring the value of Google. Basically, they had student search for some information using the library versus Google. And Google took 0.000013 second to find the information. The value of Google!


Now the value of Quora is a bit harder to quantify. But I guess we can test how long it takes to find some idiosyncratic information versus Google? For instance, finding about something about firm’s culture. Of course, it would be harder to verify the veracity of the answer, still this is one way to measure the value of Quora.

For me, I really like the Quora sessions with famous people. I love the Q&A session with founders and writers. I learn so much from them. The answers are compact with wisdom. Also, I learn a lot about the backstory, which is quite fascinating and often encouraging. I really hope Quora gets more people to do the Q&A because the information is really helpful!

Thank You God for Quora 😀