Thank You Lord for taking care of us throughout the week. I pray that You bless us more and help us become holier.

sg591550. Thank You God for morning prayer. Let us pray more every day.
1551. Thank You Lord for cereal and milk and coffee! A good way to start the day!
1552. Thank You Father for helping me read the bible. Please help me understand Your Word more.
1553. Thank You Jesus for my PC. It is working very hard.
1554. Thank You Lord for PERL. Ahh…love the program.
1555. Thank You God for downloadthemall. I love this app.
1556. Thank You Jesus for new research ideas. Please continue to give us more wisdom.
1557. Thank You Lord for the rain. The air so clean now.
1558. Thank You God for my house. I can stay safe inside and enjoy the rain.
1559. Thank You Jesus for a delicious lunch. Love dumplings.
1560. Thank You God for electricity. Lights went out for few seconds and my computer died. Yup, no electricity no PC.
1561. Thank You Lord for water. I am thankful that I have clean water.
1562. Thank You God for my sofa. It is quite comfortable.
1563. Thank You Jesus for coffee. Ahh, coffee on a rainy day? Fabulous!
1564. Thank You God for my plants. They are healthy.
1565. Thank You Jesus for church plants. They are well.
1566. Thank You Father for my legs. I am glad that I can walk around.
1567. Thank You God for helping me do push ups today. I am so lazy that I just forget to do them at home.
1568. Thank You Lord for my gym. Need to work out more.
1569. Thank You Jesus for books. I love the history of stock exchange books.
1570. Thank You Father for Udemy. Learning about volume analysis.
1571. Thank You Lord for Coursera. I love the Israel history book.
1572. Thank You God for Kakao. Efficient way to communicate.
1573. Thank You Jesus for power point. Preparing for a presentation.
1574. Thank You Lord for my blog. I am thankful that I can write every day.
1575. Thank You God for Quora. Love the Quora Q&A sessions.
1576. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I am improving 😀
1577. Thank You God for a hot shower. It is so refreshing.
1578. Thank You Jesus for fasting. I am thankful that I can fast.
1579. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. So thankful that we can always pray together.
1580. Thank You God for my roommates. I pray that we become holier.
1581. Thank You Jesus for my church friends. They are such an encouragement. Let us be united and pray more.
1582. Thank You Lord for Friday Worship. We had good fellowship.
1583. Thank You Jesus for babies at church. Hee hee so cute.
1584. Thank You God for giving me strength. I felt overwhelmed but by Your grace, I am well again 😀
1585. Thank You Lord for all everything. Let us give You praise in all circumstances.

Thank You Jesus for Your love and grace. Let us always praise You 😀