You can get married in Taco Bell! Whoa!

Now I will wait 3 seconds and see Taco Bell jokes explode!

A quick Google search shows that there is no surge yet! May be they are busy stuck somewhere! ohhhh! Kaching!


Anyhow, I will see many comedians enjoy this event and also Taco Bell smile at the free advertising 😀

Now let’s learn something about Taco Bell~ A quick search on SEC EDGAR showsthat Taco Bell (owned by Yum! Brands) is doing well. In 2016, sales has grown by 6% and operating margin expanded by 2.4%! T

The conference call boasts that Taco Bell is doing well in the US and abroad. Yup, tacos are delicious!

While looking at the 2015 10-K, I found out that YUM Brand has five segments, Yum China, Yum India, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Interesting, how it separates China and India. I am supposing that China and India are very important markets to YUM and they want show the strong growth in these two nations (I should do a segment disclosure study some time. Quite interesting).

One interesting fact is that Taco Bell’s research division is in Irvine. I should check it out 😀1jxemb.jpg