Thank You Lord for a thankful Tuesday. Let us be more thankful every day. Let us remember that every day is a gift. You always give us the best things because You are a good good Father πŸ˜€


2087. Thank You Lord for campus worship. I am thankful that we can pray for the campus.
2088. Thank You God for waking me early. I enjoyed the warm bed.
2089. Thank You Father for my bed. Ah, so comfortable.
2090. Thank You God for my room. I like my room.
2091. Thank You Jesus for my plants. They keep the bad air away.
2092. Thank You Lord for new research ideas.
2093. Thank You God for delicious breakfast. I love boiled eggs.
2094. Thank You Jesus for a ride back home. Always thankful for rides.
2095. Thank You Lord for a short nap. I felt stressed and tired. A short nap and I am revived.
2096. Thank You Father for coffee. I love coffee.
2097. Thank You Jesus for helping me cook. I cooked delicious pasta.
2098. Thank You Father for Jons and Costco. They provided me the pasta ingredients at a very affordable price.
2099. Thank You Lord for helping me read the bible. I pray that I read the bible more.
2100. Thank You God for great prayer. Let us pray for all nations and neighbors.
2101. Thank You Jesus for my gym. I worked out hard tonight.
2102. Thank You Lord for helping me beat temptation. No YouTube today besides sermon.
2103. Thank You God for Amazon Prime. I like the documentaries.
2104. Thank You Jesus for Microsoft Word. Fixed my dissertation.
2105. Thank You Father for Excel. I cleaned data.
2106. Thank You Lord for Perl. I extracted data.
2107. Thank You Jesus for helping me read some books. Finally, reading more again.
2108. Thank You God for podcasts. I am learning so much.
2109. Thank You Father for wisdom. Please give us more wisdom.
2110. Thank You Jesus for Myungshin. I pray that we become holier.
2111. Thank You Lord for fasting. I feel more humbled.
2112. Thank You God for my blog. I love it πŸ˜€

Thank You Jesus for everything πŸ˜€