There is already a lot of panic and worries about the new health care plan.

It is very sad and stressful that many will lose coverage, especially those that need the most.

This is really sad. thinking about all the poor and needy people who really need health care suffering.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the bill will pass and society as a whole will pay the price.

However, there are things that can be done.

The first and most important thing is to be healthy. This sounds obvious but staying healthy is good for you and your wallet. In fact, one of the leading cause of bankruptcies is medical cost. So try to be healthy.

Less alcohol, tobacco, and sugar but more exercise. It sounds simple and it is simple. You don’t have to give up everything at once. But take small steps. One less drink and one less smoke. Don’t drink the large soda but drink a small one.

For exercise, start taking the stairs. Walk if you can. Park your car far from your work so you can walk. Just walk!

For those who are already ill, see if treatment abroad is possible. Many Asian and European countries offer reasonably good medical treatment at a much lower price compared to the US. Just do the due diligence using the CDC guide. Also, certain medication is cheaper in Canada and Mexico. Just make sure to do your due diligence and do not go over the legal limit when you buy your medicine.

Finally, pray. Pray for good health. Pray for your neighbor’s health. Pray for all nation’s help. I pray that Jesus looks after those who are ill. Our good good Father will take care of us even in the darkest hours. Plus, prayers have mental and physical benefits as well.


Also, pray for the nation and our leaders. Pray that they are filled with love and wisdom.