Thank You Lord for another blessed day. Let us be more thankful every day 😀



2142. Thank You God for waking me up. Lord, I am so glad that I can start the day with You.
2143. Thank You Father for my bed. It is very comfortable.
2144. Thank You Jesus for my blankets. It keeps me warm.
2145. Thank You Lord for coffee. Morning booster!
2146. Thank You God for helping me read the bible. Let me read the bible more every day.
2147. Thank You Lord for my PC. Working hard!
2148. Thank You Jesus for new ideas. Please give me more wisdom.
2149. Thank You Father for my blog. I am thankful that I can blog.
2150. Thank You Lord for a productive morning. My favorite time to get things done.
2151. Thank You Jesus for investing. I am still learning a lot.
2152. Thank You God for Motif. I love low cost diversification.
2153. Thank You Lord for Lending Club. I found good notes.
2154. Thank You Jesus for Kakao. I love it.
2155. Thank You Father for Myungshin. Always thankful for Myungshin.
2156. Thank You Lord for clean water.
2157. Thank You Jesus for podcasts. I am learning a lot.
2158. Thank You God for email. So convenient.
2159. Thank You Lord for digg. I find interesting news.
2160. Thank You Jesus for Facebook. I find interesting posts.
2161. Thank You Father for my chair. I can work sitting down.
2162. Thank You Lord for helping me read. I should really read more books again.
2163. Thank You God for a good time with my roommates. I pray that we become holier.
2164. Thank You Father for prayer time. I am thankful that I can pray.
2165. Thank You Lord for being able to thank. Please make me thank more.
2166. Thank You Jesus for my plants. They are doing well.
2167. Thank You God for church’s plants. They are doing well as well.
2168. Thank You Father for shoes. It would be uncomfortable without shoes.
2169. Thank You Jesus for Amazon Prime. I like their documentaries.
2170. Thank You Lord for clothing. I am glad that I have clothing.
2171. Thank You Father for discernment. Please give me more wisdom.
2172. Thank You Lord for the sun. Very nice weather.

Let us always be more thankful 😀