Harvard Law School is considering running a pilot to accept GRE as well as LSAT.


GRE is arguably easier than LSAT. It is likely to bring diverse students who excel but do not well on LSAT. This is a good start as lawyers need more diversity.

One potential issue is that GRE is easier to game. There are many websites that put up GRE answers and tips to beat the GRE. So it may be hard to discern good candidates from GRE alone. It would be great if Harvard Law can evaluate the applicant more holistically.

Another issue is division between students admitted by LSAT vs. GRE. I did not know this but apparently there are some divisions between JD and LLM students in many law schools. I expect such division to widen with people being admitted with GRE scores.

Also, I hope that the GRE policy is not a mere tool to increase enrollment…Of course, schools have to make money but it would be sad if that was the main reason…

However, I am hopeful that new admission policies will attract bright and diverse candidates, helping foster more eclectic lawyers.