Today, I felt a bit ungrateful.

I complained. Then the Holy Spirit told me about all the blessings that God has given me.

I repented. Today, I want to give extra thanks to Jesus πŸ˜€

First, I am thankful that I am alive and well. I could be dead or seriously injured. I am thankful that I am quite functional.

Second, I thanked God that I had food to eat. I complained that I did not have many ingredients to put in my pasta. I also was not happy with the broken fridge. However, God showed me that I should be thankful with the daily meal.

Third, I was not very happy because I could not watch YouTube for Lent. Then Jesus showed me how much time I saved and how I focused more!

Fourth, I was not happy editing my paper. Then I thanked Jesus for giving me the ability to do research and write. Thank You Jesus.

Fifth, I got upset because I was not feeling well. So I lied down on the floor to rest. I realized that I am so lucky that I can lie down when I want to and that I have a home. I repented immediately.

Sixth, I was not so content because I perceived the amount of work and effort that required for my new projects. Then I was thankful that God gave me grade ideas. Jesus, please give me more wisdom.

Seventh, I became super thankful when I realized that the Holy Spirit really helped me out a lot by making me stay calm and not do anything stupid. I realized that the Holy Spirit helped me to not get angry and hate others or be ungrateful for all the things that God has given me.

Thank You Jesus for Your love and mercy. Let us always be more thankful. Also, Holy Spirit thank You for helping me realize all the wickedness in me. Let us not be ungrateful but let us be always thankful and joyful ^^