Thank You Jesus for a brand new week. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory.



2276. Thank You Lord for a beautiful Monday. Let us be thankful everyday.
2277. Thank You Jesus for morning worship. I pray that I pray more.
2278. Thank You Father for bananas. Good breakfast.
2279. Thank You Lord for my PC. Got some work done.
2280. Thank You Jesus for church plants. They are doing well.
2281. Thank You God for a beautiful morning. A very nice weather.
2282. Thank You Lord for Perl. Working hard!
2283. Thank You Jesus for Stata. Did some analysis.
2284. Thank You God for Microsoft Word. I fixed my dissertation.
2285. Thank You Lord for Excel. I did data cleaning.
2286. Thank You Jesus for my legs. I can walk around.
2287. Thank You Father for internet. Yup, internet is funnn.
2288. Thank You God for pasta. I love pasta.
2289. Thank You Jesus for my gas stove.
2290. Thank You Lord for Inca cola. It is quite good actually.
2291. Thank You Father for my worms. They work very hard.
2292. Thank You Jesus for my room. It is very nice.
2293. Thank You Lord for shoes.
2294. Thank You Father for my house.
2295. Thank You God for my gym. Working out!
2296. Thank You Jesus for good praying time. Let us always pray more.
2297. Thank You Lord for Kakao.
2298. Thank You Father for Duolingo.
2299. Thank You Jesus for Quora.
2300. Thank You Father for my blog.
2301. Thank You Lord for Myungshin. It is nice to pray together.
2302. Thank You Jesus for electricity. I can work at night.
2303. Thank You Father for Twitter. I can tweet 😀
2304. Thank You Lord for Google Scholar. Much easier to find papers.
2305. Thank You God for Bing. The search is improving.
2306. Thank You Jesus for helping me read the bible 😀

Thank You Lord for another blessed day 😀