Another wild week- Even with government intervention, the market cannot calm down- Whoa- learning a lot- Thankfully, I swing traded and made some money. BUT! I got killed in MREIT positions (NRZ and AGNC).

Mortgages should be fine unless housing collapses not likely. NRZ and AGNC are hedged and expected lower interest rate in 2020-

NRZ had insiders buying so I believe some recovery will happen. I have been also swing trading NRZ after the 50% drop. Will buy and hold after volatility dies down.

So what to do now? I think I would still more cash which I have been doing. I have been able to exit some junior gold mining positions through swing trading. Eh- still a loss overall but recovering…

What do I expect next week? Probably, more volatility….

Will swing trade in smaller sizes and keep increasing cash position-

Jesus, thank You for another blessed day.

We pray that You take away the Corona virus and that we can all be healed and be blessed.

Thank You for all Your love and Mercy. Amen!

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