Thank You Jesus for another wonderful day. Let us always be thankful for all Your love and grace.

  1. Thank You Father for a nice day in Pasadena. It was hot but Pasadena is lovely. Thank you Pasadena for being nice and being not so far away from LA. However, we really need more roads. Congestion is bad
  2. Thank You God for good bible study. Jesus, let us remember that everything is permissible not everything is good. Let us restrain our choices so we can give glory to You.
  3. Thank You Father for good nap. I was so tired. Thank You for restoring me. Let me be healthier.
  4. Thank You God for making me holier. I feel that now I am at a new level. Of course, I have a long way to go but thank You Jesus for blessing me so much.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good health. Yes, I feel tired and sometimes very tired. Yet I am quite healthy. I have trouble sleeping, I can do work and serve You. Thank You Jesus.

Father, let us always praise You and thank You for all the things.